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Book Mail!!!

Of This Much I'm Sure: A Memoir

Of This Much I’m Sure by Nadine Kenney Johnstone

Paperback, 300 pages
Expected publication: April 11th 2017 by She Writes Press
At twenty-two, Chicagoan Nadine Kenney is thrilled to meet her future husband, Jamie, while vacationing in Florida.After a whirlwind, long-distance romance, Nadine leaves her friends, family, and city to join Jamie in suburban Massachusetts. Once married, they begin trying for a baby without knowing how hard that road will become.
Nadine soon faces the little-known horrors of IVF when a procedure causes severe internal bleeding, and she wakes up from emergency surgery with a six-inch scar instead of a baby bump. In the difficult year that follows, anxiety and additional failed fertility treatments threaten her new marriage and her mental state. By some saving grace, she eventually becomes pregnant naturally, but the horrors are not over: her son is diagnosed with potentially terminal kidney complications. Ultimately, Nadine learns that in an unpredictable life, the only thing she can be sure of is the healing power of hope.” (GR)
I received this book for review from the publisher at SheWrites Press. They sent me an email asking if I would like to read and I am so glad I said yes. The need for me to expand my reading comfort zone is very high. I’ve only read one other memoir and I loved it. Plus look at that cover! It is so sweet and has that buttery feel to it!
So thank you Emily Adams at SheWrites Press for sending me this beautiful book. I will read it as soon as I can and get my review up!

About the Author

Nadine Kenney Johnstone

Nadine Kenney Johnstone is the author of the infertility memoir, Of This Much I’m Sure. She teaches at Loyola University and received her MFA from Columbia College in Chicago. Her work has been featured in Chicago magazine, The Moth, PANK, and various anthologies, including The Magic of Memoir. Nadine is a writing coach who presents at conferences internationally. She lives near Chicago with her family. (Amazon)

Follow her at nadinekenneyjohnstone.com.


You’ve Got Mail!

The Runaway Wife

Releases July 12, 2016

Published by Harper Paperbacks


Three beautiful French sisters entrust an American hiker with the mission of rescuing their mother high in the Alps.

But what if she doesn’t want to be found?

Recently fired from his high-power finance job and dumped by his fiancée, Jim Olsen has come to the Swiss Alps to clear his head. At the charming Cabane des Audannes, he meets Clio, Thalia and Helene Castellane, who are on a quest of their own: their mother, Calliope, has fled to these mountains to escape her philandering politician husband’s most recent scandal. As snow threatens to descend upon the Alps, the women have come to bring their mother home.

But the sisters are at the point of surrender; it is time for them to return to Paris. Buoyed by wine and inspired by their beauty, Jim impetuously volunteers to assume their search, but soon realizes that he is in over his head. The Alps are filled with beauty and danger, not the least of which is Calliope’s desire to stay hidden. And all the while Jim finds himself haunted by the memory of her daughters and conflicted in his desire for them.(Goodreads)

I received the ARC today in the mail and honestly I am excited to read a book that isn’t YA. It sounds like a great adventure and I can’t wait to dive in!

Thank You so much for sending it to me!!


April TBR

*found this image through Google*

I can not believe that it is already April, can you? This year is going by way to fast. I did not meet my mark for books read for March. (Bad Bookworm) All of the books that are in this TBR are all from my Author’s Shelf, which are books that were given to me for review. Yes they have their own shelf!! So with out further ado here are the books….




Frey (The Frey Saga, #1)

Frey by Melissa Wright
Frey’s life is a lie. She doesn’t remember being bound from magic. She didn’t intend to get entangled in Council business.

But she did.

And now she’s on the run. As the Council trackers pursue her, Frey discovers a world beyond their lies. With the aid of a stranger, she fights to reclaim her true identity before the others hunt her down. If they find her, she will burn.

The Fold
The Fold by Peter Clines

The folks in Mike Erikson’s small New England town would say he’s just your average, everyday guy. And that’s exactly how Mike likes it. Sure, the life he’s chosen isn’t much of a challenge to someone with his unique gifts, but he’s content with his quiet and peaceful existence.  

That is, until an old friend presents him with an irresistible mystery, one that Mike is uniquely qualified to solve: far out in the California desert, a team of DARPA scientists has invented a device they affectionately call the Albuquerque Door. Using a cryptic computer equation and magnetic fields to “fold” dimensions, it shrinks distances so that a traveler can travel hundreds of feet with a single step.

The invention promises to make mankind’s dreams of teleportation a reality. And, the scientists insist, traveling through the Door is completely safe.

Yet evidence is mounting that this miraculous machine isn’t quite what it seems—and that its creators are harboring a dangerous secret.  

As his investigations draw him deeper into the puzzle, Mike begins to fear there’s only one answer that makes sense. And if he’s right, it may only be a matter of time before the project destroys…everything.  


Downburst (The Windstorm Series, #1)

Downburst by Katie Robison

(This one has an awesome giveaway and blog tour coming in June!!)

When Kit skipped town, she wasn’t planning to get pressed into a secret training camp or pulled into an ancient war. Now she’s just fighting to get home alive. Fans of The Hunger Games will devour this fast-paced fantasy that critics are calling “a thrilling head-rush of an adventure”


Touched (Touched, #1)

Touched by Elisa S. Amore

What are you willing to sacrifice when the only person who can save you is the same one who has to kill you?

After vampires and werewolves, after wizards and fallen angels, a new breed of Angels is here to usher you into their dark world. An ancient, deadly, inescapable race.
No one can see them. They’re shadows of destiny. They’re knights of death. They’re the Subterraneans and they’re here to claim our lives.
Commanded by a mysterious congregation called the Màsala, the Angels of Death ensure that each man’s destiny takes its due course on Earth.
But what happens when love intervenes?
Can an Angel of Death deny his own nature and challenge destiny?
Can love rebel against fate?

When Gemma’s eyes first meet the dark, piercing gaze of Evan James, an ominous shadow creeps into her life, ultimately leading her to face her destiny. She doesn’t realize Evan is one of Death’s soldiers and that Death is summoning her.
Her time is up: Gemma must die . . . and Evan has been sent to kill her.
But what if she’s the only one who can truly see him?

Against every rule. Against fate itself. Against everything and everyone. A story of forbidden love and star-crossed destinies.

Dark. Romantic. Dangerous.


Look to the Stars

Look To The Stars by Catherine Wilson

Tucked away in the remote territory of Ashen, Penelope Brave lives an ordinary, sheltered life until the day her papa goes missing. No one seems intent on finding him but her, so she breaks the rules… and ends up changing her world. When strangers from the northern kingdom of Orien arrive with news of her papa, but at a price, Brave learns that even the quiet city of Ashen has its secrets—the darkest of which just might be her.

Forced to trust the help of Aras Renn, the arrogant and regrettably handsome guard from Orien, Brave soon finds that if she wants to see her papa again, she’s going to have to face a past she never knew she left behind. Together, they’re thrust into a world of magic, lies, and hidden truths as Brave discovers there’s a deadly war brewing in the north. What she doesn’t know is the answer to each side’s victory can be found in her heart…

Determined not to follow the destiny the stars have laid out for her, Brave sets out to make her own, embarking on a harrowing journey where she must decide what matters most. Love or blood?









You’ve Got Mail!

Look to the Stars

Paperback Edition, 351 pages
Expected publication: March 29th 2016
*I received this book by the author for an honest review*

Take a look at that cover, simply stunning. Thank you so much Catherine Wilson for sending my your gorgeous book. I can not wait to dive in and devour it. If you want to know what this book is about just read down below!


Tucked away in the remote territory of Ashen, Penelope Brave lives an ordinary, sheltered life until the day her papa goes missing. No one seems intent on finding him but her, so she breaks the rules… and ends up changing her world. When strangers from the northern kingdom of Orien arrive with news of her papa, but at a price, Brave learns that even the quiet city of Ashen has its secrets—the darkest of which just might be her.

Forced to trust the help of Aras Renn, the arrogant and regrettably handsome guard from Orien, Brave soon finds that if she wants to see her papa again, she’s going to have to face a past she never knew she left behind. Together, they’re thrust into a world of magic, lies, and hidden truths as Brave discovers there’s a deadly war brewing in the north. What she doesn’t know is the answer to each side’s victory can be found in her heart…

Determined not to follow the destiny the stars have laid out for her, Brave sets out to make her own, embarking on a harrowing journey where she must decide what matters most. Love or blood?



Library Book Haul!

Today I visited one of my local libraries. This one is located in Daytona Beach right next to the Jackie Robinson Stadium. I had some fees that I had to pay because I forgot to turn in a dvd and two mangas.


I hate being late with my library books. 


After I turned in my media, I went in search of new worlds to dive into. I always do this even though I have around 500 at home but cant help it. I managed to find one book that I borrowed….

Illuminae (The Illuminae Files, #1)

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

I have heard that this book was pretty good. Have you read it? Let me know what you thought of it.

Now for the books that I bought. I will post the links with the cover so you can go to Goodreads to see what they are about.

Luckiest Girl Alive

Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll


Alive by Scott Sigler

I was excited to get this copy bc it is the ARC!! 


The Casual Vacancy

The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling

Ilse Witch (Voyage of the Jerle Shannara, #1)

Ilse Witch (Voyage of the Jerle Shannara #1)

This is probably one of the most beautiful books I now own.


Thats all of the books I bought and borrowed today!!


You’ve Got Mail

I got a message from a close friend of mine on FB last week. She told me to go and check out A.R. Winterstaar’s page. So I did. My friend thought that A.R’s novels would be right up my alley and from reading the synopsis she was right.

So I got to work and asked the author for a copy of her book for review. She is so nice that she also included her ARC of the second book. I am so over the moon by the nicety of authors.  So here are the gorgeous books and their synopsis.

The Child Revealed (The World of Evendaar #1)

Synopsis of Book 1


A child born into the Golden Age shall be stolen from the Light and hidden from the eyes of the world…

Adelena Marlock isn’t who she thinks she is. Single mother. University drop out. Dreamer. She is struggling with life as an ordinary woman in an ordinary world. But when the past she never knew she had pulls her into a whole new dimension she must find a way to discover the strength and power that is her birthright.

All is not well in the magical world of Evendaar. Dark forces gather in the shadows and plot to control the prophecy that has been unleashed in the realm. But when the machinations of the Wizards stir the chaos and Adelena’s mysterious connection to an outcast Prince threaten to unbalance that which is foretold all hell breaks loose. Adelena must decide for herself who is on the side of Good and who is on the side of Evil. The fate of Evendaar now rests entirely on her fragile shoulders.

Beware and rejoice, for only in the greatest darkness does the brightest light shine.

The Queen Revealed (The World of Evendaar #2)

The Queen Revealed will be available on October 31st!!!

Synopsis of Book 2


Since arriving in the world of Evendaar, Adelena Marlock has been become Her Majesty Queen Adelena St Lucidis, crowned by High Wizard Ohren of the Golden Palace, and forced to wear the mantle of responsibility to a people that she has never known. In a chaotic turn of events she has killed a man, destroyed the life of another and fallen in love with an Immortal Prince on the wrong side of Kingdom politics. To complicate matters further a mysterious Magic has awoken inside of Adelena. Magic that frightens as much as it excites her, and binds her to the man she loves. Yet, the uneasy truth remains: whom can she trust in this new world?

Nothing is as it seems for the Queen of a magical Kingdom, and as the dark Shadows close in around her and the Prophecy that controls her destiny reaches a climax, Adelena finds herself in a struggle to defend the throne she never wanted by using the Magic which threatens to consume her, as well as, those she loves the most.

The Child shall sacrifice a fear of the Dark and go without a Magek to save the World from an evil Pestilence that will destroy all Life in it’s Path.

All who defy the Child shall burn to ashes and those ashes shall feed the North Wind.

Thank you so much A.R. WInterstaar for sharing your world with me!!


Goodreads ~ Amazon

Beautiful Affliction ~ Book Review

Beautiful Affliction

A Memoir

By: Lene Fogelberg

Published Sept 15, 2015


Lene Fogelberg is dying—she is sure of it—but no doctor in Sweden, her home country, believes her. Love stories enfold her, with her husband, her two precious daughters, her enchanting surroundings, but the question she has carried in her heart since childhood—Will I die young?—is threatening all she holds dear, even her sanity. When her young family moves to the US, an answer, a diagnosis, is finally found: she is in the last stages of a fatal congenital heart disease. But is it too late?

Unflinchingly honest and often harrowing, Beautiful Affliction is an inspiring account of growing up and living on the verge of death—and of the beauty, harshness, loneliness, and, ultimately, unbending love that can be found there.

My Thoughts

I was notified on FB that a couple of ARC copies of this memoir was being given away for review. I jumped on it after reading the synopsis and asked Lene for a copy. I was so excited to be picked to read it. I planned on reading it before the deadline of the 15th but I have been battling migraines this month. I did however just finished reading it and I was blown away.

There is nothing in this book that I did not like, well except for maybe the ignorance of doctors and the health care system of Sweden but that has changed now.

It is so beautifully written and it is a fast read. One of the things that is the driving force of this book is the love between Lene and Anders. It is a genuine unbreakable bond between them, that people nowadays have no idea can be possible. I am happy to have found my own Anders.

Yes, love and family are the main driving force but there is also the monster that she feels in her chest her whole life. I have no idea how I would have reacted if I were in her shoes when the doctors kept telling her it is nothing or something totally different.

There are some heartbreaking and very gut wrenching parts in this books. It did make me hold my own breath ( roller coaster scene) and made me cry. I have 2 girls of my own and I have no idea how I could leave them either.

Thank you for sharing your story with me Lene. It made me take a step back and enjoy the little things and times I have with my own small family.


Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble

Lene Fogelberg

About the Author

Lene Fogelberg is an award-winning poet and double open-heart surgery survivor. Born in Sweden, her curiosity for culture and language has drawn her to live abroad, in Germany, France and the United States, studying German, French, and English along the way. She currently lives with her family in Indonesia, where she is working on a novel that takes place in Jakarta.

You’ve Got Mail


Today I received an ARC of Air Awakens by Elise Kova. I was told be a friend of mine, Cassandra, that Elise was giving away 16 copies of her first book for review. I am proud to say that I was one of the 16!!

As you can see in the picture she also sent me 3 signed bookmarks and 3 signed postcards!! Thank you so much Elise!

I am so excited to get this that I just had to start reading it!

Thank you so much Elise!!


A library apprentice, a sorcerer prince, and an unbreakable magic bond… The Solaris Empire is one conquest away from uniting the continent, and the rare elemental magic sleeping in seventeen-year-old library apprentice Vhalla Yarl could shift the tides of war. Vhalla has always been taught to fear the Tower of Sorcerers, a mysterious magic society, and has been happy in her quiet world of books. But after she unknowingly saves the life of one of the most powerful sorcerers of them all—the Crown Prince Aldrik—she finds herself enticed into his world. Now she must decide her future: Embrace her sorcery and leave the life she’s known, or eradicate her magic and remain as she’s always been. And with powerful forces lurking in the shadows, Vhalla’s indecision could cost her more than she ever imagined.

About The Author

About the Author

Elise Kova has always had a passion for storytelling. She wrote her first novella, a high-fantasy, in sixth grade. Over the years she’s honed her love of literature with everything from fantasy to romance, science fiction to mystery, and whatever else catches her eye. Elise lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida, where she’s currently working on the next installment in her debut YA fantasy series: Air Awakens. She enjoys video games, anime, table-top role playing games, and many other forms of “geekdom.” She loves talking with fans on Twitter (@EliseKova) and Facebook (/AuthorEliseKova). Visit her website, http://www.EliseKova.com/, for news and extras about her books!

Second Chance Review

Second Chance

Second Chance by Allyson Sinclair


Anabella Stewart had the perfect marriage, children and a husband who loved her unconditionally or so she thought. She’d built her life around them for ten years until she was blindsided with the truth of who her husband really was, and everything she held dear and believed in evaporated in an instant.

Anabella’s heart filled with darkness and the only glimmer of light is the love she holds for her two young daughters. She’s content in her ‘no-one can hurt me life’, it’s controlled, she isolates herself, studies, goes to work and just keeps breathing.

A freak accident helps Anabella find her way out of the darkness when she meets Nikolas Turner. After the death of his parents he has a decision to make; return home to England or take over the reins of the family company.

As fate, would have it Anabella crashes into Nikolas’ life. She’s everything he thought he didn’t want from a relationship; a single mother who’d depend on him for comfort and support he didn’t know he could give. Being with her means not only loving her but also becoming a father figure to her children.
When life offers you a second chance, even when you don’t think you need one, you hold on tight with everything you have.

My Thoughts

Wow! I am not one to see a romance novel and say yes I need that. Romance novels are not my Go To Genre. They have always made me feel like I am spying on a couple. I also thought the characters and dialog to be cheesy. So I stuck with my fantasy/horror books.

Then I saw this gorgeous cover! I need to read that was all that my brain said. So I contacted Allyson Sinclair on Facebook and asked if I could read it for review. She is so sweet and sent me an ARC copy of her book. I couldn’t wait to read it and started it that night, that was Tues night. I just finished it today and if I didn’t have family issues come up I would of finished it yesterday.

The story line is so intriguing and it kept me guessing on what was going to happen next. It had some twists in it that I did not see coming. Which I am pretty good at guessing. At one point I was like “oh no he didn’t” and “what did he just say?” I did like however the heated scenes. I mean I liked them for two facts. One because they were not drawn out and overly descriptive. Two because she uses the same terminology for their “parts.” I never liked romance novels due to the fact also that they have like 15 different names for the males *wink wink*. It makes me nauseous.

I was able to connect with Anabella’s character a lot. She is from a broken marriage with two girls and so am I. Granted I wasn’t married to mine very long and the girls are not my ex’s, thank God, but I was still able to relate. Especially when it comes to her insecurities. I am still self conscience of my body after having two kids. As she calls it, old woman stomach. With all of my stretch marks and gaining some weight. So I know how she is feeling.

I love that Anabella and Ben are best friends. Sure they slept together once but to me that just proves that you can have a guy best friend. I have one, no I’ve never slept with him or anything, but its nice to have a guy for a friend. Their relationship is so sweet throughout the book. I am also happy that he found his own perfect woman.

Then we have Nik. He is the image of the “perfect” man in Anabella’s mind. He has the body, job, and money to make him this god-like man in her brain. In my opinion his actions and motives were always a little shaky. His undying love for her felt real but there were times I would say to myself, ok but he’s going to do something to blow everything up. Nik is also kind of annoying in his jealousy. I find that unattractive in a guy. So that was my only issue with this book, his jealousy and possessiveness of Anabella. I think in some way that is why she is sometimes doubtful about their relationship.

This debut novel was also very funny. I caught myself laughing out loud at some parts. I loved how she reference to Twilight throughout the book because that is who Anabella reminded me of was Bella from the series.

There are two points in the book however that made me mist up a little bit. I am not going to tell you which parts because I do not want to spoil it for you. If you are a book crier then grab a tissue.

I would not mind at all to have this book on my shelf and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a romance novel that has some real depth to it.

Thank you to Allyson Sinclair for sharing your work with me!

This book will be released on Aug. 29, 2015!

Allyson Sinclair’s Connections

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