It’s February Already?

Image result for happy february 1st

Well hello February! Man, January went by so stinking fast and I didn’t get to much reading done as I would of liked. I only read 2 books and those were audio books. It has been such a crazy month between the baby and the girls with their Girl Scouts.

Its cookie season so every weekend we are out on the streets selling them cookies. Just when I thought I had some down time right? Wrong! Now here comes the seasonal colds. Yes, this time we all have it. Thankfully Killian isn’t as sick as the rest of us. Breast milk is amazing for sick babies. Anyways….

I am hoping that February will be a better reading month for me. I have ARCs to read and I still haven’t touched my Library pile. Those will probably have to go back before I can read them.

I hope you all have a great day and here is a picture of Killian when he turned 2 months old!!


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