It’s November!

Image result for happy november

I can not believe that its already November. What happened to October, it’s like I blinked and it was over.

I did start some of my TBR reads but did not finish any of them. There seems to be a pattern to this reading slump. I can start a book but then put it down and not pick up again. I am hoping once the baby comes and things get situated I can get back into my reading groove. Any Tips?

Speaking of pregnancy I am now in my 39th week. Almost done! There is little progress and the contractions are getting stronger just not consistent. We have almost everything we need to welcome Killian home. I can not wait to hold him and snuggle with him. Thats all I want to do for the first week. Just lay around and snuggle him. Anyways, I will post a baby update when he actually gets here. I am very excited but terrified. You wouldn’t think so due to him being my 3rd but its been 8 years lol.

I hope your November is filled with love, laughter, reading, family, and of course food. Lots of Thanksgiving food!!! Been dreaming of that all year.



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