Emotions Review


*received for an honest review by the author*


Jason Ariaz is not your average 22 year old. He has been genetically and cybernatically enhanced but that’s only the beginning. He is an emotionless extraterrestrial born to human parents and living amongst us. Both him and his implanted thinking computer were damaged on landing and must go through life as less than what they really are. The purpose of their mission: to gain permanent emotions from the more primitive society that is Earth. If he is successful, he will be the first of his species to do so in nearly 200,000 years.

Hope lies in the fact that he is capable of emotional episodes and he has been able to forge true friendships. However, he does have the chance of completing his mission if he can truly care for Ariel, the closest human in his life. But he better know his heart soon. Their lives are in danger of ending tonight, unless he can recover what his species has lost.(GR)

My Thoughts

This book was given to me by the author and a friend of mine, Arnulfo Cantarero. He is also a member of the book club I am a part of on IG, Novels at Night. The version I read is in ebook form and I read it on my phone. Mostly at 5 am-7am for the past week, due to my pregnancy waking me up so early but it did help me get through it. Since I know the author I was able to ask him questions about the book while I read it. It helps so much when authors are willing to answer them. In return I helped him out as well.

This book is one of the first sci-fi ya novels that I have read and I must say I was very much impressed. The main character, Jason, has to go through his life with no emotions at all. Could you imagine? Not being able to feel anything. He reminded me a lot of Mr. Spock from Star Trek and I liked the way he spoke too. Very intelligent but precise. There was a lot of humor in this book as well.

One of the things in the book I mostly enjoyed was the action sequences. They are very well written and easy to follow. Most of the time I found myself holding my breath or cheering Jason on. He may not have emotions but he has heart and love for his family and friends.

I can not wait to read the sequel when Mr. Cantarero publishes it. I would really like to know what happens next!

About the Author

Arnulfo Cantarero

Amazon ~ Goodreads~Twitter~Instagram

Go pick up his book today!!!


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