The Happiness Tag

The Happiness Tag

I recently got tagged by @stoutishblog to do this fun little tag about happiness. Thank you so much for nominating me. Please go and check out his blog!


  1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.

  2. List five things that make you feel happy.

  3. List five songs that make you happy.

  4. Nominate five more bloggers.

5 Things that make me happy


I love reading my books. The fact that I can escape into another world for a little bit and fall in love with its characters is so much fun.


I love my little family. We are currently 4 but we are expecting baby#3 in Nov.



Knitting, crochet, and cross stitch are the three crafts I do mostly. We also do crafts with the kids.

Professional Fangirl v3. I'm not in some of these fandoms, but I at least recognize the signs for what they represent :):

Being a Fan Girl

I love everything nerdy. I have been this way my whole life and I love it!


I love to sleep……thats all I have to say about that lol


5 Songs that make me happy

Maroon 5 – Sugar

Bound to You – Christina Aguilera

Little Toy Guns – Carrie Underwood

Fly- Maddie & Tae

Watching You- Rodney Atkins


My Blog Nominations









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