You’ve Got Mail

Hello everyone I am back with another Bookmail announcement. I was asked by the author to read and review his book. I was so excited because it has been awhile since an author asked me to review their works. So without further adieu..

Dodger's Doorway


One night, Mark ‘Dodger’ Bishop ventures through a magical doorway that transports him to Storyworld, a strange realm inhabited by characters from fairy tales, myths, and legends. Dodger must team up with the warrior Humpty Dumpty and the alchemist Rumpelstiltskin to complete a series of adventures. Along the way, they encounter a cannibalistic witch, a mad puppeteer, ferocious bounty hunters, and much more. While Dodger conquers these various challenges, he soon begins to conquer his own fears and insecurities as well. (Goodreads)

It sounds like a great adventure and I love new twists on fairytale/storybook characters. Thank you so much Alessandro for sending me the book!


Author’s Information

Alessandro Reale

Alessandro ‘Alex’ Reale lives outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he works as a content writer and social media coordinator at a business resource company. In 2011, he published his first book, a young adult fantasy entitled Dodger’s Doorway. Currently, Alex is working on several sequels for Dodger’s Doorway and another book series revolving around historical artifacts.

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