Babies Come From Where? Book Review

Babies Come from Where?!

Paperback, 88 pages
Published September 2nd 2015 by Balboa Press

I received this book last October for review from the author. It is a very short book and I apologize for not finishing it sooner.


It’s finally here! The unforgettable tale our mommas never knew. If they had, it would have been their explanation to, “Where do babies come from?” If you have a baby, are fascinated with babies, or just want to read an originally twisted spin on babies, this is for you.

This is an incomparable, must-read fantasy story for all baby lovers! Come travel with Bina and baby Cadence, through the enchanting journey of parenthood, from the baby’s perspective. Discover the shocking truth of where babies really come from-told straight from the baby’s mouth!

My Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed this little book. I have always wondered what my babies were thinking about when they looked at me. I loved watching them sleep and wondered what they were dreaming about.

The characters in this story were believable. I liked how Cadence, the baby, had an accent. I also loved the fact that the way that babies travel is through bubbles and music. That explains why babies love music so much. I really liked when they played You See- We See. Which is when they show Bina, the mother, how she sees certain situations and then how the babies saw the same situation.

It is a very cute and funny take on how babies come into the world. It is a SciFi/ Fantasy read that will give you a different perspective on being a mother.



GoodReads ~ Amazon

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