25 Bookish Facts About Me

Hey everyone I decided to do the 25 bookish facts about me! I saw Reagan do it today over on her Booktube channel and thought I’d give it a go. Here is her video!

OK here we go!!

1. I first fell in love with reading when I was 12.
2. The first novel I read was Fear Nothing by Dean Koontz. 💖
3. With that Dean Koontz is my favorite author of all time. I have 67 of his books.
4. I do have over 500 books in my house!! Need more shelves.
5. I recently fell in love Indie Authors!! Recently as in over the past year.
6. I have an Instagram account where I sell books…. @nerdigirlbookstore
7. My oldest daughter is 8 and have passed my love for the written word to her.
8. She can read faster than me 😳
9. I prefer physical books but I tend to read ebooks faster.
10. Typically I have a drink with me when I read but far enough away from me and I always put my book down first.
11. I prefer hardcovers.
12. I tend to read between 4-6 books a month.
13. OK don’t kill me but I have yet to read Harry Potter 😰😰
14. Erotic novels make me feel weird like I’m watching people do it.
15. I haven’t read a classic since High School.
16. My Kindle has over 300 books on it most bought on sale.
17. I have collections of Stephen King, James Patterson, and now Jodi Picoult books.
18. Many of the books I read I do not reread…. Unless I really like it.
19. I do own TFIOS but I’ll never read it.
20. I love scary books! Any recommendations?
21. High Fantasy books intimidate me… I think it’s the hype scares me.
22. My husband and I sometimes have our own book club meetings.
23. I try and not eat while reading but ya know a snack is required sometimes.
24. I am the Bookworm at my job. I get to go through and price books!!
25. I will never stop reading!!!

Well that’s my 25 bookish things about me!!! Hope you enjoyed it!!!


4 thoughts on “25 Bookish Facts About Me

  1. You have 500 books omggggg goals 😂😂 I barely have more than a 100 and I always feel so guilty buying them (not that I’m gonna stop tho lol)! I prefer physical copies and hardbacks too 😀 Thanks for sharing and letting us know you better ❤


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