Bookhaul! Workhaul!


Its been awhile since I posted about the books that I bought at my job. In case you didn’t know I am the “Bookworm” at the Save The Animals Thrift Stores here in Port Orange, Fl and in Ormond Beach, Fl. I go through hundreds of donated books, music, and dvds a day. I love my job especially when I find books that I have been waiting for. So here are some of the most recent books that I have found!!!

The Ocean at the End of the Lane The Unconsoled A Tale of Two Cities / Great Expectations: Two Novels Boy Meets Boy The Ridge The Goldfinch

The Lost (Witch & Wizard, #5)


I can not wait to make our move to NC and find a big enough house that I can have big bookcases because I have now probably over 600 books in my house lol. Let me know if you have read these books and what yo thought of them!!




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