Merry Christmas πŸŽ„

Hi everyone!  I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas. I know I am probably the best in a long time. Everyone loved their gifts and so did I.

Here is what my hubby gave me!!!


A subscription to Lootcrate!!!!  This is the December and the theme is Galaxy. So it was Star Wars and Halo 5 themed. Super cool. It came with:

December Lootcrate Galaxy 2015 pin
Halo 5 ammo box
Galaxy Quest patch
Bb-8 socks (which I’m wearing to see Star Wars Awakens…. Again)
Han Solo in Snow Gear Pop
Awesome 8bit space themed T-shirt

I am so happy with this crate and my hubby said that I will be getting a new box every month!!!!

Also I bought myself the concluding novel in the Odd Thomas series, Saint Odd.


So I am a very happy camper and can’t wait to see what is in January box.

Happy Holidays!!!!!

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