Fostering adventures

I wanted to post something a little different. Over the past few months I have been fostering puppies for the humane society here in Daytona Beach Fl.

Our dog Willow is now 3 years old and my girls are now 6&7. I did want another baby but it seems like mother nature has other plans for me. So I turned to fostering puppies.

I get to have something small to take care of for a little while and then help them find their forever home. Today we picked up our newest fosters.

Mike at the Flagler Humane Society told us that they were found tied up behind a store somewhere. I don’t know the complete story but my friend, LeAnn, contacted me about taking them in. One look at their picture and I said yes.


We believe it is a boy and girl and we are trying out names for them. So far we have….





They are around 6weeks old and Jack is a lot more timid and shy than his sister. I am hoping that he comes out of his shell more before he gets adopted.

Fostering is such a great thing and I wish more people did this. It helps animals not have to wait in cages or pens for someone to possibly pick them out. Puppies get a chance to be in a home and get used to it before moving on to their forever home.

It’s been a great experience and I plan on continuing fostering.

Thank you for reading this post. I wanted to share something close to my heart.

Here are my other successful fosters.


This is Java Jones. Our first foster. He is a chi/doxy/shepherd mix. I still get to see him because my friend adopted him.


This is little miss Lyra. She was the runt of a littler of 12. We only fostered her and her sister Scarlett.


We miss these two but know they went to loving homes.

Don’t forget to get your pet spayed or neutered.

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