Second Chance Review

Second Chance

Second Chance by Allyson Sinclair


Anabella Stewart had the perfect marriage, children and a husband who loved her unconditionally or so she thought. She’d built her life around them for ten years until she was blindsided with the truth of who her husband really was, and everything she held dear and believed in evaporated in an instant.

Anabella’s heart filled with darkness and the only glimmer of light is the love she holds for her two young daughters. She’s content in her ‘no-one can hurt me life’, it’s controlled, she isolates herself, studies, goes to work and just keeps breathing.

A freak accident helps Anabella find her way out of the darkness when she meets Nikolas Turner. After the death of his parents he has a decision to make; return home to England or take over the reins of the family company.

As fate, would have it Anabella crashes into Nikolas’ life. She’s everything he thought he didn’t want from a relationship; a single mother who’d depend on him for comfort and support he didn’t know he could give. Being with her means not only loving her but also becoming a father figure to her children.
When life offers you a second chance, even when you don’t think you need one, you hold on tight with everything you have.

My Thoughts

Wow! I am not one to see a romance novel and say yes I need that. Romance novels are not my Go To Genre. They have always made me feel like I am spying on a couple. I also thought the characters and dialog to be cheesy. So I stuck with my fantasy/horror books.

Then I saw this gorgeous cover! I need to read that was all that my brain said. So I contacted Allyson Sinclair on Facebook and asked if I could read it for review. She is so sweet and sent me an ARC copy of her book. I couldn’t wait to read it and started it that night, that was Tues night. I just finished it today and if I didn’t have family issues come up I would of finished it yesterday.

The story line is so intriguing and it kept me guessing on what was going to happen next. It had some twists in it that I did not see coming. Which I am pretty good at guessing. At one point I was like “oh no he didn’t” and “what did he just say?” I did like however the heated scenes. I mean I liked them for two facts. One because they were not drawn out and overly descriptive. Two because she uses the same terminology for their “parts.” I never liked romance novels due to the fact also that they have like 15 different names for the males *wink wink*. It makes me nauseous.

I was able to connect with Anabella’s character a lot. She is from a broken marriage with two girls and so am I. Granted I wasn’t married to mine very long and the girls are not my ex’s, thank God, but I was still able to relate. Especially when it comes to her insecurities. I am still self conscience of my body after having two kids. As she calls it, old woman stomach. With all of my stretch marks and gaining some weight. So I know how she is feeling.

I love that Anabella and Ben are best friends. Sure they slept together once but to me that just proves that you can have a guy best friend. I have one, no I’ve never slept with him or anything, but its nice to have a guy for a friend. Their relationship is so sweet throughout the book. I am also happy that he found his own perfect woman.

Then we have Nik. He is the image of the “perfect” man in Anabella’s mind. He has the body, job, and money to make him this god-like man in her brain. In my opinion his actions and motives were always a little shaky. His undying love for her felt real but there were times I would say to myself, ok but he’s going to do something to blow everything up. Nik is also kind of annoying in his jealousy. I find that unattractive in a guy. So that was my only issue with this book, his jealousy and possessiveness of Anabella. I think in some way that is why she is sometimes doubtful about their relationship.

This debut novel was also very funny. I caught myself laughing out loud at some parts. I loved how she reference to Twilight throughout the book because that is who Anabella reminded me of was Bella from the series.

There are two points in the book however that made me mist up a little bit. I am not going to tell you which parts because I do not want to spoil it for you. If you are a book crier then grab a tissue.

I would not mind at all to have this book on my shelf and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a romance novel that has some real depth to it.

Thank you to Allyson Sinclair for sharing your work with me!

This book will be released on Aug. 29, 2015!

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