Day 1

I have been wanting to read The Martian by Andy Weir for awhile now. I finally picked it up on my kindle but still haven’t read it.

Challenged by my friend, whose reading it along with me, to read 3 chapters a day. Well…..I did it! Yes that’s right I can show some restraint people. Even though it’s so great already.

It sucks you in with the very first sentence.

“I’m pretty much fucked.” -Mark Watney

So far Mark is a very strong and highly hilarious character. I must of laughed out loud about 5 times so far.

It does have a lot of scientific/technical terms in this book but come on its about an astronaut trapped on Mars. I’m actually liking the science of it.

Anyways I am going to fill the rest of my day reading something else to take my mind and hands away from this book.

Oh I forgot…. Matt Damon is playing Mark in the movie. If you are a fan of Matt like I am you can totally hear his voice and see his actions, while reading it. So I am very excited to see the movie even more now!

Happy Read A Long!!

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