BookTube A Thon Wrap up

So this past week was the BookTubeAThon that the lovely Ariel Bissett hosted. (I will link her YouTube channel down below)

I tried to read as much as I could during the week but between life and horrible migraines it was very hard.

Day 1

These are the books or pages that I read.

135 pages in Gerald’s Game- Stephen King

82 pages in Aria by M.D. Luis

Total pages read: 217

Day 2

175 pages Into The Volcano- Don Wood (GN) ~ Finished in one sitting

55 pages in Gerald’s Game

55 Pages in Aria

120 pages in House- Ted Dekker

Total pages read: 405

Day 3

Read 179 pg -finishing Aria

12 pgs in Gerald’s Game

110 pgs in House

38 Pages in PUSH- Sapphire

Total pages read: 339

Day 4

278 pages in The DoppleGanger Chronicles- The First Escape

Days 5-7

Read Absolutely Nothing

Total read pages for the week



I also won the copy of Ready Player One – Ernest Cline from the Twitter challenge. Over all I read as much as I could and for me that was a lot.

I do plan on taking the “reading sprints” to heart and give myself timed reading limits. To see if I can push myself to read faster.

Thank you for visiting !

Happy Reading!



Gerald’s Game–

Into The Volcano-

The First Escape-

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