My mom is moving to MA to take care of my grandparents. My Grandfather has a bad heart and my Nana was diagnosed with mild/moderate dementia. So my mom is going to give them the care that they need.

Day 1: We left FL 10 hours behind schedule but that’s ok. We eventually made it to GA to spend the night with my sister. I haven’t really had a full nights sleep in like 5 days… I am exhausted.

Day 2: We are now in North Carolina visiting with my brother Mike and his family. We went out to dinner at The Big Easy and had some Creole inspired food. It was so yummy, I had Louisiana crap pasta. Now are just chilling out..I may start The Bones of You by Debbie Howells tonight before I pass out.

I found this book at the library but I orginally requested it from NetGalley. I just couldn’t wait to read it so I borrowed from the library.

I hope you all are having a great night!!

Happy reading!

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