Not Every Girl Review


This story follows a girl named Olivia and she isn’t like the other girls. She doesn’t dream of court or her wedding, all she wants to be is a knight. So her father, who is the King’s Master of Arms, allows her to train with the squires. She trains for years and when her father gets a mission to escort the king to a neighboring kingdom Olivia is very excited. Her father tells her that he convinced the king to allow all the squires to attend as a training opportunity. When the time comes to leave Olivia, being a girl, is told that she can not accompany the group due to the fact that she is a girl. Heartbroken, the only thing she can do is knock out her best friend and take his place as one of the knight’s squires. Olivia is not discovered until the next morning by the knight and in which she has brought embarrassment to her father. The king orders her to return to the kingdom with one of his knights. Prince Liam steps up and tells his father that he will also go with them. On the road they are attacked by King John’s mercenaries and once they are killed, Prince Liam sends the knight to tell his brother to bring the army because he knows that his father is in trouble. With the help of a band of outlaws they rush to rescue the king and Olivia’s father.

My Thoughts

I found this book through the author Jane McGarry over on Instagram. The plot sounded very interesting to me and so I requested a copy for an honest review. Jane is so sweet and so she sent me an e-book of her novel. It did take me longer that I anticipated for me to finish this book but I finally did!!

I love Jane’s writing style. The story was so beautifully written and it was very easy to follow. When I was able to pick it up I was always instantly hooked into it. It is a fast read and I could of read it in one sitting but June had been a crazy month for me so I had to pace it out.

Olivia is such a great character and her development through out the book is flawless. Prince Liam is a wonderful character as well and I love how they interacted. I also enjoyed how it wasn’t really an insta-love. I mean they fell in love over the span of a week but it was so cute how it blossomed. I found myself laughing out loud at some parts of this story and I would recommend it to anyone who likes stories that resemble fairy tales. Not because it was a fairy tale but it just felt that way to me.

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