Chapter 8

The basement, there shouldn’t be anything down there but the washer and dryer, some Christmas decorations, and other things we stored away. We stand in the kitchen for another minute to make sure that is actually where the sound is coming from. Then there is a crashing sound followed by another low moan.

I have to see what is , as I move across the kitchen to the door Nell stops me, “don’t go down there. It is one of those things.”

“I have to check and see what it is. It could be someone hurt or maybe one of my family members.” I reply moving her out of my way.

In the past we would never lock the deadbolt to the basement, only the lock on the doorknob and the chain. “Why is the deadbolt engaged?” thinking to myself.

Another crash comes from the room but this time it was closer. Whatever it is it heard us and is coming up the stairs I place my ear on the door to see if I can hear any normal human sounds.


It slams against the door causing me to jump back and pull my gun out. I look back at Nell to make sure she is ok but she was gone.

“Nell?” I call out with no answer. “Nell, where did you go?”


It’s still trying to get out and it must be very strong because the door jams are starting to splinter.  I put my gun back in its holster and run out of the kitchen. Seeing the front door open, I went out to the porch to find her.

“Nell!” I scream at the top of my lungs, realizing that was a very dumb move. “Good job. Lets just ring out the dinner bell.” I said under my breath.

She is no where in sight. My heart is thumping so loud in my ears. I run around the house to the backyard, “Nell”, I said in more of a whisper.

There is a small noise coming from Lucy’s playhouse in the middle of the yard about twenty yards in front of me. One hand on the grip of the gun, I silently make my way over to the little house.  Slowly opening the playhouse door, I find her finally. She is curled up on her knees, rocking back and forth.

“Hey sweetie, there you are.” Nell stopped rocking for a moment and looked up at me. There is something different about her eyes, the gorgeous blue was replaced by a deep yellow that seems to be swirling around her black dilated pupil.

“Nell, your eyes?” I say in a concerned voice. Pulling her gaze from me, putting her hands over her face, she lets out a small

“I’m sorry.” she says squeezing her eyes shut tight.

“Oh honey, you don’t have to be sorry. Do you know why they did that?” Shaking her head no, I give her a tight hug.

“Don’t worry we will figure it out, together.”

Her eyes then fade back to the mysterious blue they were before and it makes me think if they changed colors during the fight with Martinez. I would have not seen them change but it probably did happen. Nell lays down across my lap and curls up into a tight ball, shaking. Then a huge crash came from inside of the house, the thing got out.

From the playhouse window, I watch as its shadow moved from room to room. It isn’t one of the creatures from the compound. It is shaped like a man of considerable size. Crashing through doors and throwing things around, he must be able to smell us but is getting angry that he can’t find us. It makes me wonder if its blind.

Nell is still in a ball in my lap but she has stopped shaking. peel Nell off of me and I creep towards the back of the house. Now that it isn’t in the kitchen anymore I can look through the windows. I can see him sniffing the air by the edge of the bannister but turns towards the front door.  He stalks out the front door and into the yard. I scurry back to the playhouse and draw my gun. Putting Nell behind me I prepare myself for the little house to be torn to pieces. Nothing happens.

Sitting up to peek out of the whole between the yellow plastic shutters I see him. He stops at the edge of the back of the house and is sniffing the air. My heart is racing so loud and fast that I am sure he could hear it. Nell stirs behind me and I motion for her to stay seated without taking my eyes off of the monster. To my amazement he takes one quick glance towards the playhouse, then turns and goes back to the front of the house. Shocked I can not turn away until I see him scamper on all fours down the pebbled driveway and into the street.

“He is gone now. I know where we can go for the night.” telling Nell as I turn around and smooth down her hair.

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