The Goddess Inheritance Review


Kat Winters has survived her Goddess Test, fallen in love, and is approaching the end of her pregnancy. Now the Queen of the Gods wants her child and her husband, Henry. Cronus offers her a deal. If she promises her loyalty to him, he will not kill humanity and he will let Kate keep her child. Unfortunately, if she agrees to his terms, he will wipe out Henry, her mother, and the other gods. If she chooses wrongly, it will cost her everything. 

Review – *contains spoilers*

I you haven’t read the first two books in this series please stop reading this review and go read those two first. I mean it…..Go Read Them!!!! I’ll wait………..

Ok, for those of you that have read the first two books, OMG! I don’t know what Aimée Carter had over me but I can not get enough of these books. I am definitely going to buy this series for my library because it’s one of my favorites now.

We were left I’m the second book with the knowledge of Kate being pregnant. I didn’t see that coming and was left with my jaw on the floor. This book is taken place 9 months later after Kate has the baby. Calliope is working with Cronos in the war. She still only wants Henry and now baby Milo as her own. She also has Nicholas, Ava’s husband, held captive and tortures him to make sure Ava stays loyal. What she doesn’t know is that Ava is just playing along and actually doing everything she can to help the council. It seems as though Kate has matured a lot from the last book and that made it so much more fun to read. I loved how she rallys the past girls to fight with them against Cronos because they couldn’t be harmed.

Then the two parts that made me gasp:

I’ve never cried before over a death in a book but OMG the feels in this book. Ava’s death was sooo sad. When she threw herself between Calliope and Kate I was like, Oh no!! Then Cronos wouldn’t heal her and I wanted to throw the book. It was so sad reading all of the goodbyes and tears that were shed.
The second gasp was when Rhea showed up. I was like “get em girl”. I thought it was awesome that she reigned Cronos in like that and the fact that her light keeps him contained now in the underworld.

So much happens in this book but I was very happy with the ending. Kate got all of her family back except Ava *sob*. It’s up to her and Ava’s son Eric, to find someone worthy of Ava’s throne. That should be interesting to read .

Then she goes to Cronos and says that nobody deserves to be alone for all eternity and tells him that she will check on him periodically throughout time. She is such an awesome goddess.

I love this series and will be going to the library to get the fourth and final book in the series The Goddess Legacy.

Thanks for reading!!!


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