Brilliant Review


When Uncle Ben’s Dublin business fails, it’s clear to Gloria and Raymond that something is wrong. He just isn’t his usual cheerful self. So when the children overhear their granny saying that the Black Dog has settled on Ben’s back and he won’t be OK until it’s gone, they decide they’re going to get rid of it. Gathering all their courage the children set out on a midnight quest to hunt down the Black Dog and chase it away. But they aren’t the only kids on the mission. Loads of other children are searching for it too, because the Black Dog is hounding lots of Dublin’s adults. Together – and with the help of magical animals, birds and rodents – the children manage to corner the Black Dog …but will they have the courage and cleverness to destroy the frightening creature?


I thoroughly enjoyed this book and so did my daughter. It is short with only 11 chapters but it has a great message. The town of Dublin seems to be shrouded in a cloud of depression and  it seems that the most of the people are effected. The two main characters, Gloria and Raymond, are bound and determined to help their Uncle Ben shake the Black Dog of Depression off his back.

They sneak out and are accompanied by almost the entire town’s children. They all have someone that is suffering from this darkness. Along the way they are helped by the animals, telling them where to go to catch the dog. When they get to close to the dog however they are put down by him and his nasty depressive ways. They must stay awake and use the magic word “Brilliant” that seems to disperse the dark clouds.

I would recommend this book to anyone that needs help with depression and need a little help in that area. I can see myself reading it when I am feeling down and remember how hard the children worked at getting rid of that Black Dog of Depression!!!



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