Movie News

So I was trolling on Google + and I come across a very intersting photo…..


My heart dropped to my feet. Are they serious????
That’s right ladies and gentleman they made a live action Attack on Titan!!! Eek!!! The fangirl in me just squealed and did a very embarrassing happy dance while at work. My boss looked at me and just shook his head.


If you haven’t heard Attack on Titan is a manga turned anime about the human race having to live in three ringed cities that are guarded by gigantic walls. What are they so afraid of??? Very very huge humanesque titans. The titans eat humans and on the brink of extinction the humans built their fortified cities. Then one day after 100yrs of safety their world is  thrown back into oblivion when a colossal titan shows up and knocks a hole in the outer most city wall. The story follows two friends Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman as they make their way up the ranks of the military to try and take back what the titans have taken from them.

I want to apologize to my fellow nerds if I butchered the synopsis. Here is a link to Wikipedia so you can read more.

I am so totally stoked for this movie and can’t wait til Aug 1st.

2 thoughts on “Movie News

  1. Not to pop your bubble or anything, but I’d be wary of live action movies based on mangas. The live actions of Death Note and Gantz turned out horrendous.


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