Last Day of School!

I can not believe how fast this school year has gone by. My babies are growing up to fast. I don’t like it make it stop. They will be going in to 1st and 2nd grade in August but until then we are going to try and make this summer the best one yet, attitudes are a deal breaker though.

Here are some things we are going to be doing:

Sea World and Aquatica trips

Free or $1 movies twice a week

Library trips

Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic

All of the fun stuff also depends on the girls behavior and I know there will be days where they are going to drive me insane.

In between all of the fun and shenanigans, I will be trying to bust through my bookshelves and read as much as I can. Basically giving myself a “Summer Read-a-thon.” I need to get on the ball with these amazing books because I have some authors starting to send me their books to review and I need to get to them as soon as I can……PRONTO!!

I hope you all have a wonderful summer!!!! Let me know what your summer reading lists will be!

Happy Reading!!!

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