Workhaul Bookhaul #6

It is the end of May and I went to work today. There were tons and tons of books there today. I haven’t been in for a few days.

I have 28 books that I picked up from work and….my husband is gonna kill me. Not really though ha ha. Ok anyways here they all and thank you for looking!!!!

Happy Reading!!!!

*I am not putting the synopsis only because there are so many…sorry*

CAM00393 Tomorrow Now by: Bruce Sterling

CAM00396 Kiss the Girls, 1st To Die, 2nd Chance, 4th of July by: James Patterson

CAM00397 The Virgin Suicides by: Jeffrey Eugenides

CAM00400 (1) Notes From A Small Island by: Bill Bryson

CAM00398 The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe by: C.S. Lewis

CAM00401  The Lock Artist by: Steve Hamilton

CAM00404 CAM00403 My Horizontal Life & Are you There, Vodka? Its me, Chelsea by: Chelsea Handler

CAM00406 Live a Thousand Years by: Giovanni Livera

CAM00405 I Capture the Castle by: Dodie Smith

CAM00412 The Loop by: Nicholas Evans

CAM00413 Eat, Pray, Love by: Elizabeth Gilbert

CAM00410 The Abyss By: Orson Scott Card based on the screenplay by: James Cameron

CAM00409 The Eyes of the Dragon: Stephen King

CAM00408 The Wood of Suicides by: Laura Elizabeth Woollett

CAM00411 Red Dragon by: Thomas Harris

CAM00414 The Help by: Katheryn Stockett

CAM00416 Everlost by: Neal Shusterman

 CAM00422 The Perfect Storm by: Sebastian Junger

CAM00419 The Storyteller & Salem Falls by: Jodi Picoult

CAM00418 Lonewalker by: Gary J. Cook

CAM00421 Crossover by: Joel Shepherd

CAM00423 Charlie Wilson’s War by George Crile

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