The Good Neighbors Review

Kin (The Good Neighbors, #1)

This is the first graphic novel I have picked up in years. The main reason was I wanted to start reading graphic novels along with my regular books that I read. Also and mostly this one, is because it was written by Holly Black and Ted Naifeh. I love Holly Black and the way she writes her stories.

*may contain spoilers*

Book One Kin is about a girl, named Rue Silver, that is trying to live a normal life but she starts to see things that she can’t explain. Her mother is missing and her father is arrested for her “murder” and the murder of one of his students. She finds out that her mother is actually a faerie and because her father broke his promise to Rue’s faerie grandfather. So her mother was brought back to the faerie world and now is dying. Now Rue needs to find a way to help her mother and also deal with the fact that she is to half faerie.

I did thoroughly enjoy the characters and loved the graphics but it deal jump around a lot and some of it didn’t feel like it fit with the story. I did read this in one sitting and only took around 45 mins to read and that was mostly due to it being confusing. I will be looking forward to reading the second novel, Kith.


Kith (The Good Neighbors, #2)

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