Character from Books to Movie


Ok so you’re reading a book right? Totally into the story and character development. You have this image of what the look like or even sound like. Then your brain says “hey they should make this into a movie” and your fingers start to type said book title in the search bar to check and see if they are. pops up with the title and release date of that movie. Your nerves get a little shaky with excitement but then also fear. Do you click on the link or do you not? Do you keep the image of the character in your mind that you built yourself or hope that whoever they chose will live up to that expectation? The pressure is on!

So……you click. Yup you were right the whole time. Why did they pick that person? They should of picked this one. Its so frustrating, only because now when finishing the book you will have that actress or actors face on your beloved character. I hope the acting itself makes  up for this colossal mind bender.

I hope I’m not the only one that does this. If I am…..I am one kind of special. Please share your thoughts and even characters THEY picked that made you roll your eyes or scream NO!!!!!


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