Fade to Black

I was asked by Tim McBain and L.T. Vargus to read the sample of their book, Fade to Black, on Amazon. I was very pleased to be asked to read a little of their book, so thank you Tim and L.T. for the opportunity.


Live. Die. Repeat.

Dying violent deaths over and over again totally blows. Loner Jeff Grobnagger has learned this the hard way. Every time he has a seizure, he dreams that a hooded man strangles and kills him. He runs. He fights. He hides. No matter what he does, his efforts end in a pretty bad case of death.

But when someone tries to kill him in real life, he realizes that what happens with the hooded man isn’t just a dream.

“Dude, please stop trying to kill me.”

Who is the hooded man? And who tried to kill Grobnagger in real life? His quest for answers leads to a missing girl, cults obsessed with astral projection, an arcane puzzle sphere, an evil book, a private detective named Louise and a mustached man named Glenn that makes ‘the best martini you’ve ever tasted.’

Yep. If it weren’t for all of the horrific deaths, Jeff Grobnagger would be having the time of his life.


The sample doesn’t go that far into the book but it did spike my interest in reading the whole book. I am wondering about the man in the hood and whether or not he will ever find out what is causing him to have this dream of him being killed. I may purchase this book in the future to find out these answers.

Thanks again to Tim and L.T. for asking me to read the sample.

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