The Giver ~ Review

Now I have to admit that I did not get this book assigned to me in high school. So this is the first time I have read this. Also……I watched the movie first….I know I know perish the thought (as my hubby would say lol) He had read it in HS and he told me that I should read it and so I did. I read as fast as I could to catch up with him and the chapter that he was no avail bc he finished it before me but thats ok. I was very surprised how much it was different from the movie but i liked that it was

Jonas is part of a society where everything is the same. There is no pain, fear, or even color. That baffles me to no end bc my brain can’t wrap my head around it but anyways. Everyone has their job and their place in the community but something is different about Jonas. He starts to see things he cant explain and then when he turns 12 he becomes the next Receiver of Memory. He has different rules from everyone else and experiences things that he cant even share with anyone. The Giver, gives, him the memories of the past to help the people of the future deal with situations they do not have the answer for.

Jonas wants to change how things are done and so he is determined to do so.

It is a short book but it did draw me in during the first chapter and I recommend it to everyone. Read it …..then watch the movie adaptation.


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