The Darkest Minds Review- *may contain spoilers*


If you are just now finishing up your Hunger Games Trilogy or Divergent Trilogy and you are feeling a little empty? Don’t worry, thanks to the brilliant mind of Alexandra Bracken, we can have  another beautiful dystopian world that we can lose ourselves in.

I have heard a lot of great reviews on this book and I was eager to get my hands on a copy. Thanks to my job I was able to find an ARC that someone kindly decided to the store and I was able to donate the $2 to purchase it! At the time I was reading the second book in a different series but it wasn’t grabbing me though. So I broke out The Darkest Minds and got started. I was totally pulled in right from the beginning and I didn’t want to put it down. What would of been a one day read turned into a 5 day read due to the real world outside….ugh, but I digress.

Mrs. Bracken’s world was so intriguing to me and even though it is a dystopian novel, it felt like something like this could happen in real life. In the book, 98% of the population of children die from this plague, the 2% were only effected by the plague but their “side effects” were deemed dangerous. It only seemed to happen to kids between the ages of 10-17 and it is linked to puberty.

The government didn’t know how to react to the 2% ,so they made these Rehabilitation Camps for the parents to send their kids to. Ruby, 10, was one of these children and was sent to the worst of the camps they made. Upon arrival they were separated in to different groups according to the “symptoms” they had. It turns out that they were not symptoms at all, in fact the disease changed the make up of their brains to allow them to have certain powers. They didn’t have names for these powers so they marked the kids with colors:

Green: Geniuses Blue: Telekinesis Yellow: Electrokenesis Orange: Mind Control Red: Pyrokenesis

Ruby saw what they did to the kids that were Yellows, Oranges, and Reds and claimed to be a Green to save herself. Through the time at the camp her powers grow and we find out that she is in fact an Orange. Scared of what may happen, she escapes and is on the run.

She ends up meeting a little group of kids and tags along to help them on their mission in finding the Slip Kid, who can supposedly find their families. Liam is the leader and love interest in the story. I loved their dynamic together because it wasn’t an insta-love, it was able to grow and develop as the book went along. Chubs is a very smart kid that is very cautious of Ruby and doesn’t trust her in the beginning but they grow to be great friends. Then there is Zu, a little Yellow, that may seem small but is a force to be reckoned with.

The East River is there mission. The Slip Kid seems to be their only hope in getting in contact with their families. Is he the help that they needed or does he have another mission in store for our leading lady and her friends?

I highly recommend this book to anyone that loved the Hunger Games or Divergent. I know that I will be reading the second book, Never Fade, soon.


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