April Book Challenge 2015

So I was just asked on IG to join a book challenge by the lovely @sharmreads. I am beyond excited because this is the first time for me to be in a book challenge. What it is, on IG, is that you take a picture everyday with what the topic or title of the picture. I am going to list them all below if you are interested in seeing what the itinerary will be.

If you would like to join you need to just find me @nerdigirlbooks on IG or @sharmreads & @enjoyandlovebooks.

Thank you so much guys for inviting me to join!!!

Here are the picture titles


  1. April’s TBR
  2. Thursday Selfie
  3. Book & Bag
  4. Book with map
  5. Old Book
  6. Fave Fantasy Read
  7. A Romantic Book
  8. A Classic
  9. Sad Book
  10. First Book in a Series
  11. Chapter 11
  12. Orange Book
  13. Fave Character
  14. Book & Mug
  15. All Time Fave Book/s
  16. Book in your Fave Color
  17. Book & Nature
  18. Trilogy
  19. Currently Reading
  20. Gorgeous Cover
  21. Book and Food
  22. Bookstore/Library
  23. Fave Contemporary
  24. Book that has Your Intitals
  25. Book and Perfume
  26. Book and Baby Pic
  27. Blue Book
  28. Fave Author
  29. Character you can relate to
  30. April wrap-up

There you guys I hope you follow the three of us on IG and have fun!

I would love to see your results!!!!


PS: Also check out my friends blog- https://enjoyandlovebooks.wordpress.com/

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